New Learner’s Log Book App

Queensland learner drivers can now benefit from RACQ’s launch of an online log book app.  The mobile phone app allows L platers to record their 100 hours of supervised driving. So far it’s very new, so Brisbane driving schools like Northside Driver Training haven’t had many learner drivers use it. The Daily Mercury reported that [...]

Keeping your Driving Safe in Redcliffe, Queensland

The Redcliffe Poor Driving Problem Did you know that the police are watching your driving in Redcliffe Qld, and they have found it lacking? Head of the Redcliffe Road Policing Unit told the Courier-Mail that some drivers lack patience and the foresight to act defensively… Just last week there have been four crashes in Redcliffe from [...]

Young Learner Drivers helped by the RACQ

RACQ have a learning to drive website called “Learn2Go”, which has great information on getting a Learner’s licence (L plate), getting a Provisional license (P plate), as well as handy checklists for keeping up with which driving skills you have mastered, and those you need to work on. Choosing a Supervisor or Instructor RACQ also [...]

Brush up on Risky Maneouvres for New Drivers

New drivers in Queensland will be faced with more rigorous tests around skills and attitudes on high-risk manoeuvres, as the State Government brings in changes to securing and renewing driver licenses. Transport Minister Scott Emerson commented that younger drivers are more at risk, so they have to be more prepared and educated when it comes [...]