Here is some helpful information to assist you in understanding about Driver Training and Licence Testing.  Just click  over the question for the given details.

When should I organise driver training for my son or daughter ?

We recommend that professional driver training be conducted soon after the learner obtains his or her Learner’s Licence. This is so low-risk driving techniques can be taught before supervised practice continues. It is safer to teach the basic essentials in a dual-controlled car environment.

How much are your lessons?

Northside Driver Training offers expert driving tuition at the competitive rate of $68 per lesson per hour.

How many driving lessons will I need ?

Queensland state law requires that if you are under 25 you must have attained a minimum of 100 hours driving (including at least 10 hours night driving) before you can take your practical driving test. We suggest that at least 1-2 driving lessons per week will ensure you maintain and progress with your driving skills.

On my first lesson will you assess my current driving skills ?

We assess each driver trainee on an individual basis. Through out your first lesson your current driving skills will be assessed and our experienced driver trainers will evaluate the best way to expand your skills.

Will I get the same instructor each lesson?

Yes, we endeavour to keep you training with the same instructor throughout your lessons. This ensures the instructor knows precisely where your skill level is at and which areas to focus on next.

How many practice driving hours should I have ?

While you are learning it is important to practice regularly; try to aim for one to two hours per week. Remember to always have a licensed driver with you when you are an L plate driver.

What is the best way to approach a driving test ?

Remember, everybody is nervous when taking a driving test. If you make mistakes put them behind you and move on to the next task. Stick to the techniques your driver trainer has taught you. This will ensure you are employing the correct methods and will help you to make good decisions which will usually result in you passing the driving test.

Whose car can I take my driving test in ?

The choice of car is entirely up to you. You can use any car for the test as long the car is roadworthy and meets Queensland Transport’s requirements. However we do offer an additional service which will take a lot of stress out of your Driving Test day. Take a look at our Book a Test page.

When will I know that I am ready to take my test ?

You will have completed the 100 hours driving required for you learners log book. We believe in our students abilities, however we will not put you through your driving test if we feel you are not ready to pass. Not only will an unsuccessful test waste time and money, it also demonstrates you are not quite ready for a lifetime of safe driving.

How do I book my driving test ?

You have two choices to book through us or to take a private test, please read our web page Book a Test.